Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth.

Have you ever just been amazed at how smart kids are? My children never cease to amaze me! They come up with the darndest things! They are so brutally honest, they take words very literal and say things with out malignant intent.  My husband took my middle child to gymnastics as she began her lesson she realized that she had a new instructor as she introduced herself the teacher asked her “when did you turn 4?” 
“On my birthday!” she simply responded. The teacher looked at my husband and said “Ask a stupid question, you’ll receive a stupid answer.”

There has been many times that we have asked our oldest child to think ahead to do things before we have to ask her. For example; make her bed, feed the dog, clean her room, and so forth. She has chores that she has to complete in order to get her allowance and if she forgets to do one of her chores, she has to make it up by doing something that is “extra credit,” like throwing the trash out in the house or helping mom clean or something. Well, on one occasion she had to do extra credit and when I went to check her chart I noticed she wrote that she babysat her baby sister. I called her in and asked, “honey, when did you babysit the baby?” she said “ oh, when you were in your bedroom I got her and brought her to play with me.”  “ okay. when did I ask you to babysit her? “  “Mom, that’s the point! Remember you and Dad always tell me to think ahead to not wait ‘til you ask me.”
I could not believe my ears. I was stunned as she was right in a very literal sort of way.
I went shopping for a new dress and took my middle child with me. When I was trying on a dress I asked her “what do you think of this one?” her clear answer was “That dress doesn’t make you look fat. You should buy it.” I guess it took me by surprise because I expected her to tell me she liked the color or that she liked the flowers on it or something like that. However, that was NOT what she noticed, she noticed it somehow made me look thinner!! After that I had to buy it!! After all, it’s not every day a dress makes you lose so much weight that your 4-year old notices!

I love how honest they are and how they just say what they’re thinking. I wish adults could be that way. I asked my husband “wouldn’t it be cool if everyone would just say the truth about what they’re thinking when someone asks??”  He quickly responded “No! The world would be full of assholes!”  I guess the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree…


  1. These are classic lines by your daughters and you are so lucky to be able to record them on a blog. I once bought books that I was going to fill with all the cute/funny things my kids did and said. I think I filled a couple of pages of my first born's book and that was it!
    Yes, I did paint the stripes on my dining room wall:o)

  2. I love your husband's response. It's so refreshing to hear what kids say, because there is no filter or thinking about it!

  3. Hello dear ^^ your blog is so pretty! let's follow each other, would be fun :)what do u say?:X